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The family history of a Cleveland cottage

Redgate Cottage Photo: ITV

Two residents and a carer from a home in Middlesbrough have found that they have something rather special in common. The three women have all lived in the same cottage at Newton-under-Roseberry. They were so amazed at the discovery, they all went back to the cottage with their families, for a trip down memory lane.

Redgate Cottage Credit: ITV

Elsie Prest and Linda Sigsworth are residents of a care home in Middlesbrough. They were putting together Maps of Life with their activities co-ordinator, Kirsty Richardson, when all three women started talking about their memories of Roseberry Topping.... and the cottage.

Linda's Map of Life Credit: ITV
Elsie Prest tells Tyne Tees about her Map of Life Credit: ITV

Elsie Prest was born there in 1924.

Linda lived there when she got married in the

It's now Kirsty's mother's home.

Elsie and Linda were putting together their Maps of Life as part of an initiative by Age Exchange, a national charity that works with older people to improve their quality of life.

Sharing family history Credit: ITV

All three families said they were grateful to have the opportunity to go back to the cottage, and that in the future, other families enjoy living there as much as they have.

Rachel Sweeney went to meet all three families.