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Government pledges to upgrade the A1

The Chancellor has committed to upgrading the A1. Photo: ITV Tyne Tees

The Chancellor has committed to upgrading the A1 all the way between London and Gateshead.

George Osborne set aside a total of £378 million for the projects, which should ease congestion for commuters and improve connections for businesses.

In Gateshead, relief roads will be built on both sides of the dual carriageway between Dunston and Lobley Hill.

The new links will carry local traffic, speeding things up for vehicles on the A1.

About 12 miles of the A1 in North Yorkshire is being turned into motorway. That work between Barton and Leeming will cost £314 million.

But there was no mention of the A1 north of Newcastle going into Scotland - a stretch of road many have been campaigning to improve.

Among the other announcements in today's Autumn Statement - the Chancellor cancelled a planned 3 per cent rise in fuel duty.

He says benefits will rise by less than inflation for the next three years - effectively a real-terms cut in out-of-work benefits.

There will be a £235 rise in personal allowance - the amount you can earn before you start paying tax.

Mr Osborne also announced a package of support for businesses, including tax cuts for companies.