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Special Report: Tragic soldier's memory will live on

Lorna and Christopher Roney Photo: Lorna Roney

Three years ago today at an army base in Afghanistan British soldiers came under fire from one of their own.

An Apache helicopter fired more than two hundred rounds into the compound believing it was occupied by the Taliban.

Among those on the ground that night was Lance Corporal Christopher Roney, from Sunderland. He was shot and killed in the crossfire. At an inquest earlier this year a Coroner said "mistaken beliefs and cumulative failures" among those in command led to his death.

The base in Sangin where Christopher Roney was killed Credit: MoD

Photographs taken days after Christopher was killed show the severity of what happened. Bullet marks can be seen on the walls of the buildings.

At the time his family thought he had been killed by the Taliban. Only at the inquest did the full horror of what happened emerge.

William Roney was just a baby when his father was killed Credit: ITV News

At the time of his death Christopher Roney had just become a father. He was only able to spend a short time with his son, William, before he was deployed.

In an exclusive interview, his wife Lorna says she will do everything in her power to make sure the youngster grows up knowing what kind of man his father was.

William now if you point to the photos and say who is that he says dad. We take him for visits to the cemetery. He knows who his dad is and as long as I live I will make sure the bairn will never forget it"

– Lorna Roney

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