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Family still waiting for exhumation test results

The family of Christopher Rochester are still being made to wait by Greek authorities, 18 months after his body was exhumed for tests.

He died after falling from a balcony on the Greek island of Rhodes in 2000, but his body was returned to the UK with one of his kidneys missing. His family want to know why.

A kidney was eventually sent to them, but tests showed it was not his.

Christopher's body was exhumed from a cemetery in Chester le Street for new tests. Credit: ITV

In June 2011, the family agreed for his body to be exhumed to allow independent DNA tests to take place. Despite repeated efforts to get hold the results, they still have not been sent them.

The family want to know why his body was returned with a kidney missing. Credit: ITV

"We have just been ignored. Kevan Jones MP has requested the results, Durham Police have requested them. We've applied pressure to get them, but we've had absolutely nothing. We've had another Christmas talking to the press about this. We just want to get these results and move on."

– George Cummings, Christopher Rochester's stepfather

The family has now been told to make a formal request through a solicitor, and expect to have to wait at least another three months before getting the results.