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Wettest year since 1910 records began?

Wet Summer of 2012 Photo: Paul Elletson
Year 2012 Rainfall Amount (% of 1981-2010 Average) to 26th Dec Credit: Met Office

It's hard to think back and remember that 2012 had a dry start to the year, with February being unseasonably dry. The first four months of the year were so dry that a hosepipe ban greeted us before the Summer had started.

The last eight months have made up for it - bringing enough rain to herald 2012, in Northern England, the wettest on record since records started in 1910.

129% of the average rainfall fell this year despite average amounts of sunshine - 1253mm up until 26th December and more rain forecast for the final few days remaining.

The year 2000 holds the record for the whole of the UK with 1337.3mm but we could beat that over the next few days.........we are just 46mm short.

Residents stranded in York floods October 2012 Credit: Ken Craig

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