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The second wettest year for UK as a whole

A wet 2012 - the wettest for Northern England Credit: Met Office

By the 26th December we knew that 'England and Wales', 'Northern England' and the 'East/ North East of England' had had the wettest year since records began in 1910 - but we were 46mm off the all time high for the whole of the UK with just 5 days to go.

The Met Office released their provisional data today which marks 2012 the second wettest on record - the year 2000 remaining the wettest year in the UK with 1337.3mm compared to 1330.7mm in 2012.

Scotland had less rain in some parts than the average - with it's expected rain effectively falling further south of the UK as the jet stream meandered south and brought a series of weather systems from the Atlantic.

December was the wettest month of the year with 180.3mm for the UK.

England and Wales

2012 - 1205.0mm

2000 - 1194.8mm

Northern England

2012 - 1288.1mm

2000 - 1214.0mm

East and North East England

2012 - 1064mm

2000 - 972.6mm

Other data not quite so dramatic with sunshine amounts and temperatures around the average.

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