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Dry, settled outlook. Less cold.

High Pressure over us by midweek. Dry conditions, light winds, less cold air.

Temperatures will recover a little over the next few days. As we head into the new working week High Pressure sinks south and sits right over the over the UK by midweek. This means we lose the biting E/NE wind that has really made conditions feel very raw over the past week.

Less cold, lighter winds and clearer breaks. Mist & fog

We definitely can't call it a milder spell though. Daytime highs will still struggle to get to the average (6-8C) but by rising a degree or two this will make a big difference to the 'feel' of our weather. Widespread frosts will be replaced by ground frosts and a touch of air frost in rural spots.

High Pressure will also bring a mainly dry story over the coming few days. As the week progresses brighter skies will develop and winds will become light. At this time of the year this combination will result in the risk of morning mist and fog which, if it develops, will be slow to clear.

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