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Wildlife in trouble: How can you help?

Plantin flowers and plants encourages insects Photo:

UK wildlife is "in trouble", with almost 2,000 species of birds, animals, insects and plants known to have declined in the past half century, experts have warned.

According to the Wildlife Trust the essentials of successful wildlife gardening are based on four things;

trees, deadwood, water and variety of planting.

Any one of these features will encourage wildlife to your garden

A pond is a great way to encourage wildlife

The Trust advise that Spring is the best time to put in a new pond.

The best thing to do is to choose a sunny site away from overhanging trees.

Dig at least 77cm (30 inches) deep with shallow edges.

This will enable your plants to take root and allow easy access for animals.

Don't tidy up in autumn. Seed heads are great for birds.

Dead plants are a good place for insects to shelter.

A pile of logs can provide food and shelter for everything from woodlice to hedgehogs.

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