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Woman accused of murdering partner tells court she knew nothing until he was dead

Peter McMahon was found hidden in a freezer Photo:

A woman accused of murdering her partner and concealing his body in a freezer has told a court she knew nothing about it until after he was already dead.

The body of 68 year old Peter McMahon was found hidden in a freezer in a flat in Newcastle in December. Sharon Swinhoe claims it was her friend Joseph Collins who had killed Mr McMahon. She claims he told her he had punched him a few times and hid his body. After hearing this, Swinhoe says she dialled 999 to report it.

She denies she had any involvement in Mr McMahon's death, even though she claims he regularly sexually assaulted her, and alleges that on one occasion he raped her. Swinhoe and Collins, alongside their friend Ronnie Douglas all deny murder.