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South Shields man due to be sentenced for Facebook shooting threat

24-year-old Reece Elliott sparked a huge US security scare when he posted the abuse in the months after a high school massacre in America.

It resulted in an FBI manhunt, armed guards in Tennessee's schools and thousands of children being kept off school the next day.

He left the threats under a false name on a tribute site for a 17-year-old Tennessee girl who was killed in a car accident.

Elliott, a father-of-one, has admitted one count of making a threat to kill and eight of sending grossly offensive messages.

He has been held in custody since his arrest in February.

"My father has three guns. I'm planning on killing him first and putting him in a dumpster.

"Then I'm taking the motor and I'm going in fast.

"I'm gonna kill hopefully at least 200 before I kill myself. So you want to tell the deputy, I'm on my way.''

– Reece Elliott on Facebook, February 2013

Reece Elliott, of Fossway, South Shields, is due to be sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court.

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