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County Durham family's fight for justice

Christopher Rochester's family are vowing to fight on Photo: ITV News

A family from County Durham claims the Greek Authorities are trying to block their attempts to find out the truth about what happened to their son after he died.

It's thirteen years since Christopher Rochester was left to bleed to death on a hospital trolley on the island of Rhodes .

His body was returned to the UK with a kidney missing and Greek doctors later sent one that wasn't his.

Christopher Rochester
Christopher Rochester's body is exhumed two years ago Credit: ITV News
Diggers at Christopher Rochester's graveside Credit: ITV News

Two years ago his body was exhumed at the request of the Greek authorities and DNA tests carried on on the remains to try and bring an end to the row over the kidney.

The results of those tests are now in the hands of the Greeks, but the family has been told they can't have access to them unless they appoint a Rhodes-based solicitor.

But, with the family planning to use the results to take legal action against the Greek doctors involved, nobody on the island is willing to take on their case.