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Tackling the problem of youth unemployment

Young people take part in Newcastle Falcons' Hitz project Photo: ITV

Tomorrow is GCSE results day. For some, the grades will unlock the door to A Levels and further education, for others this is where their involvement in the education system will stop.

It's a daunting prospect at a time when jobs are scarce. New figures show that the number of young people not in education and unable to find a job in our region is rising.

Young people say they find it hard to get a job Credit: ITV

That's where projects like Newcastle Falcons' Hitz scheme hope to make a difference.

It offers those taking part the chance to gain life and employment skills, making their CV healthier and giving them confidence.

Recruitment Consultants say jobs are out there, it's knowing how to get them Credit: ITV

Recruitment Agencies say there are jobs out there but the problem is many young people leaving school don't know how to get them.

Lee Andrews is from Solutions Recruitment in Newcastle. These are his top tips on how to find a job.

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