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Weather: Quiet weekend. Cold snap next week

Frost, ice and wintry showers next week as temperatures take a dip Photo:

The weekend is relatively quiet with a fairly cloudy but mild start on Saturday.

Saturday: Rather cloudy but mainly dry. Spell of patchy rain sinks overnight.

Patchy rain pushes through on Saturday night before brightening up but cooling down a little into Sunday.

All the 'weather gossip' at the moment is about next week, when we're expecting our first real cold snap of late Autumn/early Winter.

Into next week: Sunday brightens up but begins to cool down

The rain that clears on Sunday returns for a time on Sunday night into Monday. But when it finally heads south towards Monday night that's when the colder air begins to push in from the north.

We will all have a fairly cold night on Monday but it's as we head into the next few days that it will really start to feel much colder - initially for northern parts of the UK on Tuesday, before the colder air reaches most inland areas by Wednesday.

Highs this coming Saturday 16th November are expected to reach 11C. This is slightly above the average for mid November. By Tuesday we will struggle to reach 4/5C by day and overnight lows will dip below freezing.

From Monday night frost and ice will become more of a widespread issue than we've had so far this season. But the big question is 'will we get any snow? If so, how much and where?

Tuesday into Wednesday: Cold air digs in from the north. Temperatures take a dip

With a northerly feed of air showers are expected Tuesday into Wednesday and they are likely to fall wintry, even at lower levels.

As far as snow settling - this is certainly possible over the hills, and maybe at lower levels temporarily but the ground will not be cold enough for the snow to settle on roads away from higher ground.

Stay in touch with us and the forecasts for the latest developments as we head into next week.

Keep you, your loved ones and and your vehicles prepared for winter - warm and safe.