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Weather: Cloudy weekend. Cold spell next week

Turninf much colder into next week: Widespread frosts, ice, sun and wintry showers Photo: NELSON ALLEN


It will be mainly dry and cloudy. A little drizzle is possible over hills at times with mist. Some bright spells are possible in eastern areas. Brisk westerly winds will ease later. Highs 11 °C.


Generally cloudy with a little rain or drizzle for a time, particularly over hills, then clearing later. Some mist and fog patches may form as skies clear from the north (A frost for rural Northumberland). Light winds. Lows -1 °C in the north, 3°C in the south.


Mist and fog patches will clear slowly. Some bright spells are possible for a time, but cloud will increase with light rain later, especially in the west. Lighter winds. Highs 10 °C.


Rain at first on Monday, then brighter and colder conditions start to push in from the north with showers.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be cold with frost and ice and a brisk northwesterly wind. Some lovely winter sunshine is expected but also a feed of showers - especially by Wednesday where they will be wintry at times, especially over hills with snow likely to settle above 200m.