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Weather: Looking ahead

Saturday night.

Cloud and patchy light rain/drizzle sinks southeast with the best chance of clearer skies over Northumberland. A frost possible in rural parts of the north but where the cloudy damp conditions hang on in the south it will remain frost free. -1C


Mist and fog for some areas on Sunday morning with the best chance of any brightness in the east.Sunshine is pretty short lived as cloud builds from the southwest ahead of rainfall by nightfall. Highs 9C


The rain becomes heavy overnight into Monday but should retreat south again, allowing colder and clearer weather to eventually sink in from the north.

There will be a widespread frost Monday night ahead of a much colder day on Tuesday. A northwesterly feed of air will bring a few scattered wintry showers for Pennines areas but further east plenty of clear but cold weather expected.

As the winds turn more northerly on Monday showers could become more widespread and snow more likely to settle, especially over hills.