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Sunday's in-depth 4-day forecast for the NE. New Year, new weather?

Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland. Photo: Rick Ford

Turning wet and windy again on Sunday night, but we don't think that New Year will be a total washout.

Throughout Sunday, a weak ridge of high pressure from the west is crossing, keeping things mainly dry with good sunny spells, especially the further east you are.Fairly light winds, especially compared to the western side of the Pennines, temperatures around 6-7c.

Much later on Sunday afternoon we may start to see the first sign of cloud in the west ahead of the next system.


Initially on Sunday evening it will be dry. Temperatures fall away ahead of the cloud and rain to give a local ground frost, lows around 2c.

This is the time we expect our minimum night-time lows; temperatures actually rise throughout the night and will reach 5-6c during the early hours.


During the early hours, heavy rains sweeps in from the west. As it crosses the Pennines into our part of the world the rain becomes lighter and patchier, winds increase also, gusting to 30-40mph.


The rain won't start pushing away into the North Sea until mid-morning on Monday, around 9-10am. It remains steady and heavy until then.

As the rain clears away, the winds are at their strongest, gusts 50-60mph with gales across the sea.

On Monday afternoon it's 'all change'. The rain should be right away into the North Sea by now, odd shower over the Pennines, but generally some good sunny breaks. Winds ease compared to the morning period, but they remain blustery, gusts 35-40mph.

Highest temperatures on Monday will be in the morning around 8-10c. Later as the weather becomes clearer and brighter they drop away to 6-8c and the breeze will be fresh.


Rain pushes in to the west during the afternoon, followed by showers later. 8c 46f.

Chilly overnight on Tuesday, touch of frost but nothing widespread as it will be too breezy. Odd shower. 3c


More rain ploughs in. Blowy. 7c 45f.


Bright and breezy, odd shower. Brighter than Monday and Tuesday, quite fine, tops 7-9c.