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Guitarist to embark on UK tour

Eduardo Niebla practising in his studio - a converted garage at his home Photo: ITV

A professional musician is still entertaining audiences around the world - 50 years after he first picked up a guitar.

Spanish guitarist, Eduardo Niebla, is about to embark on a new nationwide tour and will appear at the Sage, Gateshead in February.

He composes his music from the converted garage of his home near Ripon, in North Yorkshire.

Eduardo lived in Morocco and Spain before moving to the UK Credit: ITV

Eduardo was born in Morocco but moved to Spain with his parents and ten siblings. It was there that he discovered his love of the guitar aged just eight.

He told ITV News Tyne Tees:

"When I heard the sound of the guitar, I just couldn't believe it. I thought, this is tremendous. When I heard the notes of the guitar, it really moved me."

– Eduardo Niebla

The guitarist, who is now compiling his 24th album, added: "Music is a language. For me, it has always been a language that has been very important for me to express my feelings and my thoughts."

Eduardo is performing at The Sage, Gateshead in February Credit: ITV

The musician says he still looks forward to touring, despite being on the road for 40 years: "It is wonderful because when you tour, you want to bring something new to the people and you feel like you want to tell a story."