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Prince Harry flies Northumberland flag at South Pole

HRH Prince Harry and Conrad Dickinson, Northumberland Wildlife Trust Patron with Trust flag at the South Pole Photo: Team Glenfiddich

There has been excitement in Northumberland since a photograph emerged of Prince Harry holding a Northumberland Wildlife Trust flag at the South Pole.

Conrad Dickinson, Northumberland Wildlife Trust Patron, went to the South Pole with HRH Prince Harry and a team of wounded former soldiers at the end of November. They were taking part in the 'Walking with the Wounded 2013' challenge.

Conrad, who lives in Hexham, Northumberland, led the British team. He had taken the flag with him.

“What a way to start 2014! Conrad’s photo has caused so much excitement here at Northumberland Wildlife Trust as it is the first time a Wildlife Trust flag has been flown at the South Pole by a prince. Who would have thought that our little flag would have made it all the way down to the South Pole from the North East? We cannot thank Conrad enough for remembering to fly it for us after slogging his way through the -33° of the South Pole.

"The Arctic and Antarctic are pristine environments and it is vital that we protect them against global warming and climate change as their decline have a knock on effect on what happens on our 60 reserves around the Region.”

– Mike Pratt, Northumberland Wildlife Trust