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Tyne Tees Weather: Weekend outlook

Grey day on the Tyne Bridge, Newcastle Photo: (Derek Blemings from Consett)

There are signs that our coldest spell so far this season might be on it's way for the middle of next week. It doesn't look like staying around all that long but will bring colder temperatures and maybe the risk of snow showers, especially for eastern areas.

In the meantime low pressure brings our weather in from the west - the familiar mix of sunshine and showers followed by wet and windy spells.

Here's the weekend detail.....

Low pressure in charge all the way through until Monday. Cold air over Scandinavia could migrate further west from Tuesday


Remaining cloudy through the night with outbreaks of rain at first, perhaps heavy locally and temperatures rising a little as the rain moves through.

Becoming drier after midnight across most areas, patchy rain and low cloud continuing over hills. Lows 4 °C.


Mainly dry to start but blustery showers will develop from the northwest, pushing into Northumberland and the Pennines before sinking south.

Showers will become widespread by afternoon, locally heavy and may contain hail and thunder.

Temperatures to 8 °C with a strong west wind.


A cold, dry start Sunday morning, then strong winds and heavy rain later. The rain could possibly fall as snow over higher ground for a time. Highs 6-7°C


Blustery showers on Monday, turning wintry on hills and to longer spells of rain in places.

Colder Tuesday with just a few wintry showers in the east.

Expect more widespread frosts and some patchy ice. Temperatures struggling during the day by midweek.