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Weather: Looking Ahead

OUTLOOK: Often windy. Sunshine, showers or longer spells of rain. Photo: KEV POINTON

As we head into the new working week low pressure remains in charge, bringing an Atlantic flow of weather - strong winds, showery outbreaks or longer spells of rain.

For us we stay mainly dry for much of daylight hours on Monday, a slow decline.

There will a certain amount of shelter on both Monday and Tuesday, with eastern parts of the region staying drier for longer with a few pockets of sunshine.

For all on Wednesday it's a wet and windy story, the rain quickly followed by showers.

Sunday night:

A dry night for most with some clear spells developing towards dawn, allowing some localised frost to develop. Most areas will escape with lows of between 3-5 °C.


A windy start to the day with southerly gusts reaching 30-40mph for a time, easing a little during the afternoon.

Dry with some bright spells in the morning, becoming cloudier from the west through the afternoon. Light rain is likely to reach the west before dusk. Highs 7 °C.

Strong winds ahead of some patchy evening rain on Monday. Gusts 30-40mph


Sunny spells and showers on Tuesday and Thursday. Breezy and feeling chilly. 6°C

A touch of frost possible on both Monday and Tuesday night. Lows 2°C

Wet and windy on Wednesday, followed by showers, perhaps wintry over the Pennines.

Another low swings in for midweek. Wet and windy spell followed by showers