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Bronze resin poppies to remember the region's war dead

Bronze resin poppies are offered to people whose houses were former homes of soldiers Photo: ITV

Our region lost thousands of soldiers in World War 1. Now, Washington's war dead are to be honoured in a new project. Bronze resin poppies will be offered to people whose houses used to be the homes of soldiers who died in the Great War. It's hoped residents will agree to display the poppies as a mark of respect to the people from our region who were killed.

Members of the Durham Pals re-enactment group Credit: ITV

An event was held to launch the project by Wessington U3A War Memorials Group 100 years since the beginning of the war. Members of the Durham Pals re-enactment group dressed up as soldiers and paraded the streets of Washington. Among them was Paul Elliott, he was dressed as Doctor David Armstrong, a member of the Royal Army Medical Core who died in 1917. He said it was an honour to play him.

Paul Elliott playing the part of Doctor David Anderson Credit: ITV
'Living history' actors Credit: ITV

About 60 properties in Washington where soldiers lived or worked are still standing, and letters have been sent to residents asking for permission to display poppies outside of them.

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