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More storms on the way just as trains return to normal

More than 1,500 homes are still without power after 70mph winds battered the North East last night.

But train services, which were badly disrupted, have now started to return to normal.

Hundreds of passengers were stuck on an East Coast train for hours last night after it broke down in North Yorkshire.

It lost electricity near Hutton Bonville after the cable attaching it to the power lines snapped off.

The train was eventually towed to Edinburgh, arriving at 4.30am.

Passengers were stuck on a train in North Yorkshire for hours. Credit: Viewer's photo

Antonia Goddard was on board when the power went off and the train screeched to a halt.

She said: "We could just hear the wind howling, I would have been very freaked out if I'd been the only one in the carriage certainly.

"It was not a lot of fun for anyone it really wasn't very nice."

East Coast trains, confirmed tickets bought for travel yesterday, can be used today.

Electricity pylon bears the brunt of strong winds in Houghton-le-Spring. Credit: Northern Powergrid

More than 60,000 homes were without power this morning. The vast majority have now been reconnected, but 1,600 homes are still without electricity.

Gale force winds are predicted for tomorrow afternoon.

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