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Police warn of dangers of shining laser pens at aircraft

Laser pens that can dazzle pilots are illegal in the UK. Photo: .

Police are warning of the dangers to pilots and passengers of laser pens being shone at aircraft.

In the last two years, almost 100 pilots have reported being targeted when flying over the North East.

And that put Newcastle among the worst affected airports in the country last year, according to figures from the Civil Aviation Authority.

  • 1. London Heathrow - 121 laser attacks
  • 2. Manchester - 117 laser attacks
  • 3. Glasgow - 74 laser attacks
  • 10. = Newcastle - 38 laser attacks
  • 10. = Liverpool - 38 laser attacks
If pilots are dazzled, they may have rely solely on the instruments in the cockpit. Credit: ITV news

The number of planes affected by laser pens is small.

Air traffic control teams at Newcastle airport deal with more than 60,000 aircraft every year, but it's potential impact could be far greater.

Air traffic control at Newcastle airport. Credit: ITV news

New technology is helping police to trace offenders more easily, and are warning of the risks, dangers and consequences of trying to target planes with laser pens.