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Ex Cleveland Police Chairman calls on force to correct 'totally misleading' claims

The former Chairman of Cleveland Police Authority has called on the force to correct what he calls ‘totally misleading’ claims he had claimed more than £123,000 expenses over a five year period. He says the vast majority of this was made up of allowances, which he was entitled to. He also asks those leading Operation Sacristy to explain why they issued a ‘catalogue of smears and innuendo’ without offering him or others opportunity to respond.

“The manner in which information has been presented by the Force is totally misleading. Information about all others provided under the ‘Expenses Paid’ heading relates purely to what everyone recognises as normal expenses—in other words, payments claimed for travel, mileage and subsistence.

“In my case those elements amount to £25,350 over the five years from 2005, around £5,000 a year. Yet the Force has chosen to add, for reasons best known to themselves, a figure of almost £98,000, representing the allowances I was paid through the Authority’s members allowances scheme. I was not alone, the allowances scheme related to all authority members, allowances set out under the scheme were paid to all members. Authority members who became Chair after me were paid at exactly the same level.

"Neither I, nor others named in the report had any chance to study its contents or respond to its claims, opinions and allegations before it was placed on the Force website."

– Dave McLuckie

Cleveland Police has responded to Mr McLuckie's claims, saying it finds his 'quibbling' 'difficult to believe'.

“Those under investigation during Operation Sacristy held senior publically funded posts. It is right that the costs associated with those posts are available for public scrutiny. For those investigated to now be quibbling about the heading under which they are now published is difficult to believe.

“The police service is striving to be more open and transparent. The Crown Prosecution Service has decided that there would be no criminal prosecutions and this decision meant that the Force has been able to publish the material relating to the professional misconduct of those involved.

“The material has been published under a Freedom of Information Publication Scheme that was declared some time ago and not as Mr McLuckie suggests as part of a ‘catalogue of smears and innuendo’.

“Two Chief Officers were dismissed, one Chief Officer and a senior police officer resigned, and Mr McLuckie served a prison sentence for matters investigated by the IPCC and the Operation Sacristy Team. It is right and proper that the public should see the wealth of other concerns that were also investigated, but not pursued.”

– Cleveland Police

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