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Olympian's dentist keeps his promise

Bobsleighing and dentistry don’t usually go together, but that is exactly what happened at Ormesby Primary School in Middlesborough today.

Former pupil and Olympic bobsledder John Baines paid a visit to his old school to pass on the inspiration of Sochi 2014 to the next generation.

“It’s quite emotional seeing the teachers who used to teach me when I was here,” said John as excited children filled past to their classrooms after a question and answer session with brake man of the two and four man British Olympic bobsleigh team. “Seeing the sports hall and old playing field brings back a lot of memories.”

And John brought along rather unexpected guest, his dentist. Mr Paddy Jones has been the family dental surgeon for many years and today he came good on a promise he made some time ago.

“There was an article in the dental press,”said Paddy, “that Julia Roberts’ dentist had promised all the children in his area that if any if them got a national award he would buy them all toothpaste. So when she got the Oscar for Erin Brockovich it was put in the dental press and by coincidence John came in that day.

“So I said to John that if he ever made it to the Olympics I would buy every kid in Ormesby School a tooth brush. And here we are 13 years later and he made it to the Olympics and I had to honour my promise.”

It was at Ormesby Primary that John first got into sport, winning the Dean’s Sport Award, so perhaps the next time we see some of the school children’s bright white smiles it could be on the podium.