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Rather cloudy outlook. Greater risk of showers

Misty low cloud and disappointing temperatures at Big waters (NELSON ALLAN) Photo:

Most areas this weekend have remained dry but disappointingly cloudy and cool - when other parts of the UK have been warm with hazy sunshine.

Over the next few days, for eastern parts of the region, a similar story continues with a greater risk of thicker cloud, mist & murk and a much cooler feel - especially for the east coast, where brisk east/southeasterly breezes prevail.

As we head into the new week conditions turn a little more unsettled with cloudier skies becoming more widespread across the UK and a much higher risk of showers or rain.

Here's your forecast into the new working week for the Tyne Tees region.......


Many will remain cloudy, misty and distinctly chilly in the east. Inland areas should brighten a little, providing some hazy sunshine in places. Cold at the coast and where mist/cloud lingers but highs around 13°C.


Mist and low cloud will thicken once again with coastal and inland fog reforming. The cloud may be thick enough to give some drizzle, especially over high ground. Lows 5 °C.


Mostly cloudy with mist or fog patches. Chilly, especially near the coast. Increased risk of showers into the afternoon. By late afternoon heavy showers could develop. Highs 9-11°C.


A more 'changeable' outlook. Mist and low cloud continuing near coasts keeping it colder here.

Further inland, cloud breaking at times, leaving some sunny spells, but also a chance of showers, heavy and thundery in places.

Cloudy with showers Tuesday

Dry start midweek but rain later towards evening

Dry on Thursday with west best for sunshine