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Tyne Tees Weather: Detailed outlook

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Despite drier and even brighter weather developing at times Sunday into Monday, we stick with an unsettled theme. A weather front moves east and then south during Sunday, only to re-energise and head north again on Monday morning.

The outlook is uncertain - a battle between high pressure building in the south by midweek and weak weather fronts trying to edge in from the north. Our weather for Tuesday to Thursday will be determined by how far the high pressure builds.

Under any clearer skies overnight temperatures will dip low enough for a touch of frost. Where cloud develops from the north sunshine will be limited by day and will keep the temperatures a little higher at night. Patchy rain is possible.

Here's our current thinking for Tyne Tees weather over the next few days........

High pressure in the south by midweek but low pressure may allow fronts in from the northwest


Bright or sunny spells developing for a time in the east but more general rain trying to spread in from the west during the afternoon. Clearer skies from the west by evening. Mild highs to 16 °C.


Mostly dry with some clear spells for a time, especially in the east, with lighter winds. Cloud will thicken form the south by dawn. Rural lows 4-6°C.


Cloud with outbreaks of rain spreading from the southwest during the morning, with brighter conditions and scattered showers following from the west later in the day. Highs 12 °C.

Breezy by nightfall with further risk of showers overnight.


Breezy on Tuesday with bright or sunny spells and only isolated showers.

Cloudier on Wednesday, but staying mostly dry.

Rain spreading from the northwest on Thursday