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New management needed for Hadrian's Wall

The organisation that promotes and protects one of our biggest tourist attractions is coming up with a plan for its future, even though it is closing because of money problems.

The wall, and the remains of the Roman forts along it, are an official World Heritage Site.

Although the Hadrian's Wall Trust is being wound up in the summer, it has vowed to come up with a five year plan.

The trust that runs Hadrian's Wall is continuing with its public consultation on how to look after the wall in future,

The Hadrian's Wall Trust will be wound up in 6 months because of funding problems, throwing the future management of the 2000 year old structure into doubt.

The wall is one of our regions most important tourist destinations and thousands of jobs rely on it.

"We are devising the management plan during the consultation process to bring together what is needed to take the Wall forward. And build on the work of the Hadrian's Wall trust moving forward.

"That discussion is going ahead with partners getting together working out what resources are available and how to build on the work that has been done in the past six or seven years by the trust.

– John Scott, co-ordinator, Hadrian's Wall Management Plan

The World Heritage site extends beyond the wall to the ruins of roman coastal forts along the west Cumbrian Coast,

John Scott says the closure of the trust will not threaten the future of the site.

The whole of Hadrian's wall are one of 28 world heritage sites across the UK, but world wide there are nearly a thousand that have been designated.

This competition means it is more important than ever for the wall to attract visitors that bring in money supporting local business and local livelihoods.

It makes a strategy for the continuing custodianship of this iconic landmark all the more crucial.