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Look back: the week steelmaking returned to Teesside

The blast furnace on Teesside was mothballed in 2010 but reopened in 2012 Photo:

Two years ago, the blast furnace at Redcar was relit, bringing steelmaking back to Teesside and securing 1500 jobs.

It had been mothballed in 2010, bringing uncertainty and unemployment to a whole community.

However, after many public protests, the Thai firm SSI bought the plant and in this week two years ago, the plant reopened.

Here is how we reported the news in 2012.

  • April 14th, 2012: the moment the blast furnace was relit

How it works - our illustration explained how the furnace produces steel:

  • April 16th, 2012: the first slabs of steel rolled off the production line

As the plant produced its first slabs of steel, we looked at whether it could also be creating new jobs for Teesside: