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SATURDAY: latest Easter weekend outlook in detail

Good sunny spells on Warkworth beach... Photo: Mick Surphlis

A pretty good start to Saturday, some good sunshine and not too much cloud around, very pleasant.Continuing dry on Saturday afternoon with more of the same, some good sunny spells, 11-12c tops, but temperatures pegged back at the east coast to nearer 10-11c, 52f.

A lovely Saturday evening in store, but temperatures drop off quickly once the sun goes down, so turning chilly.


Cloud and clear spells, but remaining dry throughout and lows around a cool 4-6c, cooler the further inland you go.


Similar to Saturday, bright or sunny spells and cloud, probably more cloud around than on Saturday.

Throughout Sunday afternoon, still quite a bit of cloud around. Cloud thickens from the south, but remaining dry during daylight hours.

Temperatures 10-12c, 50- 54f ... average values for the time of year are around 10-11c, 50-52f for the north of England.


Two things happen. A low pressure system pushes up from the south, but there is some uncertainty still at present as to how far north this system gets. It will probably settle in a line from North Wales across to Lincolnshire before retreating southwards again.Cloud also feeds in off the North Sea, so this is probably all we will see and it is likely to remain dry through the Tyne Tees region.

Weather outlook for the NE. Credit: Met Office


A change is afoot on Bank Holiday Monday. Turning much more unsettled with showers or longer spells of rain. Alot breezier than of late. Still some bright or sunny spells around, but a marked change to cloudier, wetter weather.


Quite an organised band of rain coming across then low after low taking us into a more unsettled spell.