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Health 'atlas' reveals North East health risks

Health map showing lung cancer risk in men Photo: Imperial College London

The North East has one of the highest risks of lung cancer compared to other areas of England and Wales.

That is according to a new series of online maps developed by medical researchers.

The "health atlas" reveals how 'at risk' the North East is when it comes to diseases.

The maps are included on a website by the Small Area Health Statistics Unit at Imperial College London.

It allows members of the public to search by postcode for the relative distribution of conditions like heart disease and forms of cancer.

Above is the picture for lung cancer in men.

The areas with the higher risk are shown in darker orange.

The map below shows that the situation is even starker for women.

Health map showing lung cancer risk in women Credit: Imperial College London

The North East is also among the areas with the highest risk of heart disease.

To look at this in more detail Dan Ashby has been to visit a street in Darlington where life expectancy is can change as much as eight years depending which side of the street you live.

There have long been deep seated health problems in the North East.

Helen Ford spoke to Dr Ajay Bedi on ITV Tyne Tees and asked whether these new maps are anything of a surprise.