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Tyne Tees Weather - Next Few Days

Seaton Sluice this weekend JIM JONES Photo:

As we head into the new working week cloudy skies invade from the northeast, winds become lighter for a time and old weather fronts produce mainly light rain and drizzle.

As the week progresses a combination of fronts sinking south and high pressure building from the north means that temperatures will take a dip and winds will pick up.

Here's your Tyne Tees forecast for the next few days.....

MONDAY: Temperatures around average inland in any brighter breaks


Continuing rather cloudy and damp with light rain or drizzle at times. Rain will become more persistent and heavier at times during the afternoon. Highs 10-13°C.


Rain will become lighter overnight and confined to Northumberland by Monday morning - but a rather overcast and damp night with fog persisting across the hills. Further patchy fog around some coasts. Lows 7 °C.


Another mostly cloudy day with a little light rain or drizzle in places. Low cloud will persist in coastal areas, but some brighter spells may develop inland during the afternoon. Winds lighter compared to the weekend. Highs12 °C.


Mainly cloudy with further rain at times on Tuesday.

More persistent rain on Wednesday, with clearer and colder weather expected on Thursday with a few showers.

A return to overnight frosts.

FRIDAY: By the end of the week temperatures take a dip, winds freshen - despite better chance of sunshine