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Sinitta on Newcastle Pride, Cheryl Cole and her new single

Sinitta will be in Newcastle in July. Photo: PA

You've seen her in the papers and on the television, and now you can see her on the stage because Sinitta is heading to the North East. The 80s pop star will perform at Newcastle Pride, which is taking place on 18th-20th July.

Sinitta really made it big when she metSimon Cowell in 1986 and released 'So Macho' - this track was in the charts for 28 weeks. Since then, she has remained firm friends with Simon, and was recently asked to be godmother to his son Eric. Sinitta has appeared on every X Factor series and was there when Shayne Ward won. Shayne will also be performing at Newcastle Pride. This is a big event for Sinitta who will be performing her new single. She says she hopes it takes off so she can perform it on The X Factor!

Sinitta has been speaking to Rachel Sweeney about the importance of Pride, Cheryl Cole, how Simon can't manage without her and breaking back into the pop world.

What does Pride mean to you?

It is all about freedom to love who you want and be who you are. I was raised very much like that by my mother who was part of the 70s hippy scene. I have always embraced that philosophy."

– Sinitta on Pride

What will it be like sharing a stage with Shayne Ward?

It will be surreal. I haven't been a pop star on the scene for a while so it is always great to be on stage with people you know really well and who you think are hugely talented. It will be fun."

– Sinitta on Shayne Ward

Will you be singing?

I am going to be singing my new single SoMany Men Too Little Time. By then it should have all kicked off. I want somehot dancers, maybe a flash mob! It must be a dance off. Anything goes. Thesingle is out on Saturday for pre sales then officially released to download on4th. When I started this I had no intention of trying for the charts, it wasjust for fun. Now, It's like 'wouldn't it be great if it was a hit and I got togo on X Factor and sing it!' - That would freak Simon out!"

– Sinitta on her new single

Will you be back on The X Factor again this year as a mentor?

I think it would be really hard for Simon to do the show without me but we'll see. I have told him it will be hard."

– Sinitta on The X Factor
Close friends: Sinitta says it would be hard for Simon Cowell to do X Factor without her. Credit: PA

You're known for your outrageous outfits, who influences you?

Grace Jones, David Bowie, I like people who do things differently. When I was young, having little money, that's what you had to do. You had to find bits and pieces, take them apart and put them back together to make them your own."

– Sinitta on her fashion influences

Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell - how will they get on now that she's back on The X Factor?

Oh I think there will be real excitement to be back together but I think there will be fireworks because these two...Cheryl is very feisty, Simon is provocative, he loves winding people up, Cheryl usually takes the bait so I think there will be a lot of fire crackers going off. It could be fun. I am thrilled she's back and you can see she's come back with something different this year. There is something different about her."

– Sinitta on Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell
Simon and Cheryl's reunion on The X Factor will mean "fireworks", says Sinitta. Credit: PA
"Fiesty": Sinitta's verdict on Cheryl Cole. Credit: PA

How are you finding godmother duties for Simon's son Eric?

Easy! He is the cutest baby in the world and he doesn't cry. He is the happiest baby. You just sit and coo with him,it's great."

– Sinitta on being a godmother