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Why the North East is special to Neon Jungle

Neon Jungle Photo: PA

British girl group Neon Jungle has a new album out - 'Welcome To The Jungle', and they are currently promoting their new single 'Louder'. It's all kicking off for the girls who are attracting more and more fans to every show.

With touring, writing and performing live daily - how do the girls get on? And what's next for Neon Jungle?

Rachel Sweeney caught up with them backstage at HMV in the Metrocentre, Gateshead, where the group sang live in front of more than 200 fans.

Neon Jungle chat to Rachel Sweeney Credit: ITV

"We are very raw, real and very eclectic."

– Jess

The four piece is best known for 'Braveheart' which reached number four in the UK singles charts. Now, they're shaking up the scene with 'Louder' - the girls say this track shows off their personalities.

"Well each track has been different from each other, I’d say, but obviously the tempo has dropped on this single, but people have described it as more of a ballad but we wouldn’t say that, we’d say it was very powerful and quite rock and it’s just showing a different side to us."

– Jess

"It's almost like we are four solo artists that just continuously collaborate with each other and I think on that album you can defiantly hear that. Not only are our personalities so different and we visually look so different but obviously our voices are really different too."

– Asami

It's clear the girls have different personalities in terms of style and character, so how do they gel and are they really best friends?

"From day one, as soon as we were put together, it’s like we skipped the whole awkward friendship stage and it's like we are family. There’s nothing awkward, there’s nothing that we are shy about in front of each other. It really is a lot like sisterhood."

– Jess

"I think it’s more the way we did meet. It was more like we were stuck in that situation, where it was like, if you don’t like each other I don’t know what’s gonna happen! The fact that we genuinely did get on I think that’s what helps us have the natural relationship with each other."

– Shereen

"You don’t always have to get on with the people you work with but it definitely does help!"

– Asami
Neon Jungle perform in Gateshead Credit: ITV

Together, they have created Louder, their new sound and new single. The girls added that this song shows how they have evolved. It is a track they are very proud of, and proud to show off. At the Metrocentre in Gateshead they sang for more than 200 fans. Backstage, they were reminiscent about the last time they were in the region, at North East Live.

"North East Live was out first gig!"

– Asami

"Yeah that was our first show in a stadium"

– Amira

"We were in Newcastle when we realised that people even really liked us, that we actually had people that enjoyed listening to us."

– Amira

And that was when the girls gave this message to their supporters:

"Just want to say thank you for supporting us and we are grateful for everything. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you and we love you!"

– Amira

Neon Jungle's new album 'Welcome To The Jungle' is out now. It includes their new single 'Louder'.