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Saturday's in-depth forecast for the weekend and beyond in the NE


The weather situation is very complex right now; different fronts coming and going, heavy rain, showers and cloud inbetween, rumbles of thunder. Things become simpler and less unsettled into the new week.

SATURDAY MORNING: radar and satellite. Credit: Met Office

The line of showers this morning which stretched from Southern Scotland, through Cheshire and down through Bristol is all pushing north and eastwards during the course of Saturday.


Mainly cloudy on Saturday, and the line of showers from the west is unlikely to reach the NE until late afternoon or evening time. There may be some heavy, thundery bursts in there, tops 18-19c, maybe 20c at the coast.

Wind begins to increase.


Rain continues to push away NE'wards, so drying out from the south overnight on Saturday, lows 13-14c. Some clear spells, odd shower remaining, breezy at the coast, lighter winds inland.


Cloudy with bright spells, risk of a few showers, some on the heavy side. Strong SW'erly picking up. A few showers remain during the course of the afternoon, some heavy, but it'll be drier than Saturday. Top temperatures 19-20c, but a fresher feel to the day. Always damper further west.

WEATHER OUTLOOK: for the NE Credit: ITV Tyne Tees


Less unsettled than weekend with lighter winds. Drier, some sun, a few showers but nothing like those over the weekend.

Much lighter winds on Monday, mainly dry and bright with sunny spells increasing.

Slight risk of a shower on Tuesday, more risk of showers on Wednesday.