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Weather: Hurricane Bertha

We are currently watching the west for some very unsettled weather that could be on its way.

Ex Hurricane Bertha is currently tracking east from the coast of the US.

It is now moving across the Atlantic towards Europe.

There are still a number of possible outcomes, but there is a chance it could move across the UK on SUNDAY bringing heavy rain and strong winds.

Ex Hurricane Bertha

At the moment it is most likely the worst of the weather will pass to the south of us - but it is something we are monitoring.

This is the latest prediction of the course of the stormy weather:

Already a weather warning has been issued for the south of the country for SUNDAY.

It says that, although at this stage there is more than average uncertainty in the forecast, there is the risk of heavy rain, strong winds and large waves.

This is a particularly volatile situation, and this warning is likely to be changed as the event approaches.

Weather warning from Met Office for SUNDAY Credit: Met Office