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Sunday's detailed forecast for today and beyond through the NE

Beamish Hall. Photo: Ronnie Amar

The remnants of ex-Hurricane Bertha have put a temporary stop to summer. Feeling very autumnal today, and remaining unsettled until next Friday when there is something more hopeful in the forecast and a slight ridge of high pressure is hinted at.

1-2 inches of rainfall expected before midnight on Sunday. Credit: Met Office

The low pressure centre continues to develop across South Wales and North Devon. The low and its associated rain pushes fairly quickly north and eastwards today, slowing down as it moves over the North Sea and then away into Scotland.


Rain and showers continue to push north and eastwards on Sunday, a few brighter spells developing. A weather warning is in force until just before midnight, so be aware that 1-2 inches of rain may fall in the period, causing local surface flooding issues. Rainfall rates this morning were 2-10mm in an hour, 10-15mm per hour in some spots, so we are on course for the potential rainfall totals.

The wind increases later on Sunday afternoon, gusts 40-50mph over exposed coasts and hills, temps 15-17c, 59-63f, maybe 18c in any brighter spells later.


The low pushes a bit further north so the rain pulling away with it, rain turning more showery. Still windy, gusts 50-55mph, with the odd gust of 60mph at the coast. Temperatures, academic but in the low double figures.


Drier and brighter, but still windy with some showers. These showers will be scattered but potentially heavy and thundery with some hail. Brisk wind, so showers will blow through quite quickly, gusts 30-40mph. Temperatures slightly up on Sunday's, around 18c, 64f.

WEATHER OUTLOOK: for the NE. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees


The low pushes further away so more scattered showers, some still heavy at times. Tops in the high teens celsius.


Sunny spells and scattered showers later. Temperatures a little higher than Tuesday's. Later on Wednesday into Thursday, the winds begin to die down so feeling warmer.


Sunny spells, scattered showers later.


Slight ridge of high pressure is possible which may settle things down by the end of the working week, but that's a long way off at present in terms of forecasting, so it's all to play for! Sunny spells and scattered showers.