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India 'captives' plea to Prime Minister

"Please Prime Minister, get us on a plane and home to our families" is the direct appeal to David Cameron from six former soldiers still being held in India, more than six weeks after weapons charges against them were dropped.

Ten months ago Nick Dunn from Ashington, along with five other former British soldiers, were paraded as a suspected terrorists to Indian television cameras.

The British men were held in prison until their release on bail in April 2014, then in July lawyers finally convinced the courts that the soldiers and their crew had been working legitimately in the country, providing security to ships from pirate attacks when the arrests were made and their weapons seized.

April 2014
April 2014
April 2014

But although all charges have been dropped, the men remain 5,000 miles from home in the city of Chennai because authorities there have not released their passports or signed off the paperwork that would allow them to board a plane.

April 2014

Worn down by his ordeal and fighting tears, Nick Dunn told ITV Tyne Tees via internet that they have had enough and are pleading for the Prime Minister to intervene on their behalf.

Nick's sister Lisa, who has campaigned for months for his release, is sending her own letter to David Cameron too:

The foreign office says it is continuing to raise the men's plight at the highest levels in India. Another court hearing to petition for their passports is due next week.

But for these officially innocent men there is still no knowing how long their agonising waiting game will go on.