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SoundWaves 2014: Gabrielle, Texas, All Saints and Lulu James

Sharleen Spiteri on stage Photo: SoundWaves

Hundreds of music fans packed Bents Park in South Shields for SoundWaves 2014. All Saints, Gabrielle, Texas and Lulu James performed for the screaming crowd last night (August 23). Backstage, the acts told Rachel Sweeney how excited they were to be in the North East.

"It has been so lovely, I can't believe how friendly everyone has been. I really like this."

– Sharleen Spiteri, Texas
Sharleen Spiteri speaking to Rachel Sweeney Credit: ITV

Texas are just back from New York and will be releasing new music very son to mark the band's 25th anniversary. New tour dates will also be released so there's a chance they'll be back in the region soon.

Also touring is Gabrielle. She has been in the music industry over 20 years and has produced 10 top 10 singles, including number one hits, Rise and Out of Reach.

Gabrielle at SoundWaves Credit: SoundWaves

Gabrielle praised the North East audience.

"It was amazing, the audience were fantastic and I had been so worried about the weather holding out. It was so nice hearing everyone singing songs and seeing some sunshine.

"They were great. I have been away for so long and to come back and do a tour, it was lovely, I feel spoilt."

– Gabrielle
Gabrielle speaking to ITV Tyne Tees Credit: ITV

"This response is phenomenal. People here are amazing."

"I love what I do, I try to keep doing it, Dreams is 20 years old. I have been lucky - I don't know what it is but it's working!"

– Gabrielle

Headlining the event were All Saints. The girl group formed in 1993 and have released hits such as Never Ever and Black Coffee.

All Saints Credit: SoundWaves

In the crowd for All Saints was North East singer/songwriter Lulu James' - After her set, she made her way through the crowd to watch the 90s girl group.

The South Shields star is releasing her EP 'Falling' at the end of October.

Lulu James Credit: SoundWaves

Ahead of the EP release, the soul singer has been touring Europe and said she was easily the most nervous about SoundWaves. It could be because her friends and family turned out to support her.

Lulu James chatting to Rachel Sweeney Credit: ITV

"A few friends and family are here, well more than a few, it's so great to see them and the crowd. I'm a bit of an alternative artist and this couldn't have gone better It was raining but everyone was game."

– Lulu James