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Fans thanked for their support after Paul Daniels' diagnosis

Paul Daniels Credit: PA

Paul Daniels' wife, Debbie McGee, has thanked fans for their "wonderful messages" in the wake of the magician's diagnosis with terminal cancer.

The 77-year-old fell at home, and was rushed to hospital, suspected of suffering a stroke.

He was later diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour - according to his son.

"There is no treatment which can help him.

Doctors haven't said how many weeks or months he might have - and we haven't asked.

He knows things are not in his hands now and we are living in the knowledge every day is a bonus.

It is unbearably difficult. He has said before 'When it's your time, it's your time"... and that's how he is trying to face up to things."

– Martin Daniels, speaking to the Daily Mirror
The entertainer remained upbeat while undergoing tests in hospital which later revealed he had a Credit: PA

Daniels, who is said to be "lucid", is now at his Thames-side home surrounded by his family, said his son.

He added that the support of his fans had given them "tremendous strength at what is a very difficult time".