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Police want head-cam footage to target dangerous drivers

Police are urging people to hand over head-cam footage Photo: PA

Northumbria Police vow to protect cyclists and put dangerous drivers before the court.

Statistics show that 12 per cent of all people killed or seriously injured in road accidents are actually cyclists with hundreds more minor accidents taking place every year.

The new campaign, 'Operation Cadence', is encouraging cyclists to send their own head-cam footage to the force to ensure dangerous drivers are dealt with.

Police have released this video to show how dangerous roads can be for cyclists.

Figures from the force shows that, despite cycling accounting for less than 1 per cent of total miles travelled on the regional road network, 12 per cent of people killed or seriously injured in road accidents are actually cyclists.

More than 75 per cent (78pc) of cyclist injuries are within 20 metres of a junction and 88 per cent of these were caused by a collision with a car.

"The Op Cadence campaign is about targeting motorists whose driving behaviour is putting cyclists at risk."

– PC Richard Groves, of Northumbria Police's Motor Patrols department

"We have fantastic roads for cycling in Northumberland but we want everyone to be able to use our network safely."

– Councillor Liz Simpson, chair of the Safer Northumberland Partnership

“All road users need to pay attention at all times and to abide by the Highway Code.

“A campaign reminding drivers of their responsibilities and the vulnerability of cyclists is very welcome."

– Councillor Michael Mordey