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Former Blair agent: 'no Labour government for 30 years'

MPs back Theresa May's plan for a general election on June 8 Photo:

John Burton, the man who was Tony Blair's constituency agent, says he has great difficulty seeing a Labour government in the next 30 years.

He says the big problem is that people don't see the current Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, as a future prime minister.

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Meanwhile, people we spoke to in Tony Blair's former constituency, Sedgefield, had strong views on the forthcoming election and who they would be voting for.

However the secretary of the Durham Miners' Assocation, Alan Cummings, has robustly defended Jeremy Corbyn.

He says Mr Corbyn is principled and has the right kind of policies. He says the party's tried the Blair way and the Brown way, and they haven't worked.

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