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Angela Wrightson's family call for further investigation

Angela Wrightson's niece says her murder could have been prevented Photo:

Angela Wrightson's niece, Rachel Tresidder, has told ITV Tyne Tees her death could have been avoided if the 'right people had been in the right place' to help her.

Angela Wrightson had a long history of alcohol addiction. Her life was chaotic and she once told the authorities her happiest and safest times were when she was in prison.

During 2013 she was physically assaulted and her house was used by two women who were being paid for sex. She was seen by mental health professionals but she didn't complete the treatment because of a personality disorder.

Her family has called for lessons to be learned. They also told ITV News Tyne Tees they would like to create 'Angie's Law', which would give authorities more powers to intervene and protect vulnerable people in their own homes.

They want a further investigation into why no one person took control of her care.

Pam Royle met with Rachel Tresidder, Angela's niece:

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