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How can you give blood?

NHS Blood and Transplant is launching an appeal for new blood donors to ensure there's the right mix of blood groups for patients in the years to come.

Across England, 40,000 new black donors are urgently needed to meet an increasing demand for blood to help save and improve the lives of patients with sickle cell disease.

Sickle cell disease is the most common and fastest growing genetic blood disorder in England and the UK. In the UK, 15,000 people have sickle cell disease and over 300 babies are born each year with the condition. It is most common in black people, causing extreme pain, life-threatening infections and other complications such as stroke or loss of vision.

Active donors (gave blood at least once in last 12 months) in the north east

How can you give blood?

In general, as long as you are fit and healthy, weigh over 7 stone 12lbs (50kg) and are aged between 17 and 66 (up to 70 if you have given blood before) you should be able to give blood.

New donors can register online to book an appointment to give blood in England. New donors must be aged between 17-65.

On your online account you can find out where you can donate and manage any appointments.

This online tool also let's you search for your nearest donation centre.

Mike Stredder, Director of Blood Donation, NHS Blood and Transplant says:

Approximately 10,000 black people donated blood last year. But we need more. We urgently need at least 40,000 new black blood donors to help save the lives of patients with sickle cell disease across England. What’s important is that you register as a donor and book your first appointment to donate. By saying ‘I’m there’, you can save the life of someone else, while going about yours.”

Donating blood should take no more than an hour from appointment time and each donation can save or improve up to three lives."

– Mike Stredder, Director of Blood Donation, NHS Blood and Transplant