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Row continues over controversial bus lane in Newcastle

John Dobson Street, Newcastle Photo: ITV

The row over a controversial bus lane in Newcastle is continuing as the city council demands a review of the John Dobson Street decision.

Traffic bosses ruled the signage on John Dobson Street’s northbound camera, which has caught out thousands of motorists, gave 'inadequate warning' to drivers approaching the bus lane.

Council bosses now want a review of the Traffic Penalty Tribunal’s decision, saying, the current signage complies with the requirements set out by the Department for Transport.

Number of drivers caught between February 23 and October 31 2016
Amount made for Newcastle City Council

“We have given careful consideration to the adjudicator’s decisions of 2 June 2017 and we feel we need further clarity from the Traffic Penalty Tribunal in relation to our signage.

“Previous decisions have found the signage to be adequate and in the most recent cases the adjudicator has acknowledged that it complies with Department for Transport requirements.

“We need to fully understand what the exact issues with signage are in order for us to address any problems.

“Until this process is complete, enforcement of the northbound bus lane on John Dobson Street – heading towards the Civic Centre – remains suspended and drivers will receive warning letters.

“Southbound restrictions remain in place and drivers should be aware that Penalty Charge Notices will be issued.”

– Tom Warburton, Director of Place at Newcastle City Council

The southbound camera was found to be 'adequate' and it is active. If you are snapped there, you will be fined.

As for the northbound camera, motorists caught will not be fined, they will receive warning letters.

Newcastle City Council will now wait for a response from the Traffic Penalty Tribunal before considering the matter further.