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Teesside University lecturer wins silver at Transplant Games

Dr Gill Owens competed in Malaga Photo:

Congratulations to Teesside University lecturer Dr Gill Owens who's won Silver in the 100 metres at the world Transplant Games in Malaga.

Dr Owens from Yarm donated one of her kidneys to complete stranger in 2015 in what's known as 'altruistic kidney donation'. It's the first time donors have been allowed to compete in the World Transplant Games and Gill was thrilled at the chance to take part.

Dr Gill Owens won Silver

After months of training, she managed to take silver in the 100 metre sprint. The winner of the race had donated bone marrow to her twin sister. Dr Owens, who lectures in Management and Leadership at Teesside University told us: "I may not have got gold but I'm certainly now the fastest altruists donor on the planet."