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43% of people say they've 'never visited Newcastle'

43 per cent of people admitted they've never visited Newcastle Credit: PA

The average person has seen just 32 percent of Great Britain, according to new research - with 43 per cent of people admitting they've never visited Newcastle.

Researchers asked 1500 people about the areas of Great Britain that Brits have and haven’t visited - and found most of us have seen less than a third of the country we live in.

  • 42 percent admitted they felt embarrassed about how little of the country they’ve seen.
  • 43 percent have never been to the city of Newcastle
  • 42 percent are yet to visit Cambridge.
  • 41 percent have never visited the Welsh capital Cardiff
  • 34 percent have not visited the Scottish capital, Edinburgh.
  • 15 percent of Brits have not ventured to London
  • 37 percent have not been to the Roman Spa town of Bath.
  • 90 percent of us have been meaning to visit parts of Great Britain but have “never got around to it”.
of us have been to Barcelona in Spain
of us have visited Amsterdam

Half of Britons have not ventured to the Brecon Beacons, while another 49 percent have not been to the Highlands.

However, despite some of our lack of travel around Britain, 71 percent of Brits still think Great Britain is the best place in the world.