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Two Metro stations fitted with life-saving defibrillators

Monument and Haymarket stations have got them Credit: Nexus

Two of the busiest stations on the Tyne and Wear Metro system have been fitted with life-saving defibrillators.

Nexus, the public body which owns and manages Metro, has funded the installation of defibrillators at Haymarket and Monument Metro stations in the centre of Newcastle.

The devices, known as defibs, are there for people to use if someone suffers a cardiac arrest. Defibrillators deliver an electric shock to the chest to restore a person’s heart to a normal rhythm.

Defibrillators can deliver life-saving treatment in an emergency and we felt that it was high time that we installed them at Metro’s busiest stations.

There are now defibrillators ready for use at Haymarket and Monument Metro stations, which see millions of passengers pass through there every year.

Our frontline Metro staff have been briefed on what they need to do, but the defibs also there for a member of the public to use in the event someone has suffered a cardiac arrest. When you dial 999 the North East Ambulance Service will always know where the nearest defib is located."

– Chris Carson, Metro Services Director

Monument and Haymarket were chosen as locations as these stations see the highest volume of Metro passengers on a daily basis.

Monument sees 10 million passengers a year, while Haymarket gets 6.5 million passengers per year.

Metro customer service staff have been provided with briefings on how to use the defibrillators.