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Sedgefield family escape Barcelona attack after leaving Las Ramblas ten minutes early due to warm beer

A family from Sedgefield on holiday in Spain say they just missed the Barcelona terror attack after father of two Ryan Davey left his beer because it got 'too warm'.

Ryan was with his wife Sharon and his two children George and Hannah just 10 minutes before a van was deliberately driven into crowds of people on the busy Las Ramblas - a favourite destination for tourists from around the world.

Ryan Davey (right) and his son George Credit: Ryan Davey

Ryan found his beer had become 'too warm' to drink in the heat, and so he left it half finished. He and his family then walked the length of the rest of Las Ramblas before getting in a taxi to head back to their cruise ship.

They missed the attack by just 10 minutes.

The family are now in Valencia where they are continuing their holiday.

Ryan said he felt 'very lucky' to have his family safe and healthy by his side.

Ryan Davey was enjoying some beer on Las Ramblas minutes before the terror attack Credit: Ryan Davey

Ryan Davey has been to Barcelona many times before, but said he had 'never seen so many police' in the days before the attack.

He said the attack on the city wouldn't put him off going again, just as the Manchester attacks hadn't put off going to Manchester.

Ryan Davey (grey t-shirt) with his son George and daughter Hannah and wife Sharon (back of the photo) Credit: Ryan Davey

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