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Raising Awareness of Stammering, Step by Step

A man who's walking the length of Great Britain to increase awareness about stammering insists he's doing it because discrimination around the condition still exists. Tim Fell, who's also chair of The British Stammering Association, is almost 500 miles into a 1,000 mile journey. He says more conversations about the condition will increase everyone's confidence.

Tim is also stopping along the way to speak to individuals and groups. One of those talks was in Newcastle city centre.

According to The British Stammering Association, around 700,000 people around the UK are affected. One of those is Claire Connors, who attended one of the talks in the North East. She says there's no cure, but you can learn to cope.

The aim is to finish the walk next month. Tim is expected to be in the region for the next few days.

There are still plenty of miles to navigate. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees